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Little things please little minds.

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kim possible
I am a biased of Hey! Say! Jump esp. the guy named Yuya Takaki. And a total fan of Miley Cyrus and E-girls. Loves Takeru Sato and Takei Emi ♥. Listening to Flower's music. Loves Kanata Hongo and the rest of Stardust actors haha. So my journal will be basically consisting of these creatures and me being a fangirl.

Feel free to comment and recommend in any of my post.
Your outmost reactions/violent reactions are very much welcome in my fanfics. Thank you.

I also love eating a lot and sleeping a lot.
And I criticize, people! Just so you know 【 TV 】    -o(. ̄ )

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dancing, movie/dorama watching, photography, reading, singing, writing

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